Q. When does Registration for the 2022 season take place?

A. 2022 registration will open mid-January 2022. Later registration fees will start mid February.

Q. What do I need to register?

A. For first time registrant’s you will need to upload a copy of a proof of age document (Birth certificate or Passport). Please ensure for rep players that the address used upon registering is the address where the player resides in Centre Wellington as this determines the player’s eligibility.

Q. How many teams will CWMLA offer?

A. Depending on our numbers and interest, we would like to field as many teams as possible CWMLA plans to offer a full roster of teams for the 2022 season. Please understand however, that everything is depended on interest and overall numbers when registration is complete.

2022 Field (U9, U11, U13, U15, U17)

2022 Box – Local and Representative programs available

  • Local programs from Soft Lacrosse (2018) to U13 (2010-2011)
  • Representative programs for both Boys and Girls - Paperweight Select (2016) to U22 (2001-2005)

Q. What equipment is required to play lacrosse?

A. Please visit the Ontario Lacrosse Association link for LAX Equipment requirements. Certain pieces of hockey equipment can be used for lacrosse, however, it is recommended that players use lacrosse specific gear.

Q. What is your refund Policy?


  • Full refund less $35 mandatory insurance fees, up to April 5

  • 50% (less the above fees) April 6-20

  • 25% (less the above fees) April 21-30

  • No refunds after April 30 except for medical reasons or extenuating circumstances to be presented to Executive at monthly meeting

  • A full refund will be provided in the event that a program is not offered

  • Please complete the refund request form available here (insert link) if required

Q. Are there any discounts available?

A. We have a $50 discount available for players who register for both a box and field program. We also offer a family discount of 50% off the registration of the third child registration.

Q. Do you have any Financial Assistance available?

A. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to play lacrosse. For those experiencing financial barriers there are many organizations that can assist in helping bridge any gaps to ensure that opportunity is available. Some organizations include:

CWMLA has also put together a program to help those whom may require further assistance. Find out more about the CWMLA Boosts program here.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

A. In 2022 we will only be accepting credit card payments (visa gift cards are also accepted)

Q. Will there be any additional player fees?

A:  Possibly, if your child is playing representative lacrosse - there may be additional team fees.  These fees cover tournaments, clothing, equipment and apparel. This will be a decision made by your team's coaching staff.

Q. Will you be continuing the New Stick Program for new registrants in 2022?

A. Yes! CW Sports in Fergus will once again be proving a free lacrosse stick to all brand new players who have fully registered and paid in full.

Q. What is the time commitment for registering to play Local League Lacrosse?

A. Each age division is on the floor once each week (Monday – Thursday) for development for approximately 10 weeks (Mid-April - End of June). The soft lacrosse and paperweight program typically run on Thursday’s at the Elora arena.

Q. What is the time commitment for registering to play Representative Lacrosse?

A. Spring Field runs for approximately 6 weeks (April – May) with tryouts and practices taking place January – March). The field season ends with Field Provincials, traditionally in Brampton, on the May long weekend (different divisions play on different days). Field time will vary from team to team – it is determined by the coaching staff.  However, players can expect to be on the field, weather permitting 1-2 times during the week for practices (no games during the week) and then will generally play two games on either Saturday or Sunday. Typically, teams will play 1-12 field games prior to Provincials.

Representative Box starts April ending with Provincials in Whitby in early August. Similar to Field lacrosse players can expect to be on the floor 2-4 times per week but his will be a combination of practices and games (home and away). Typically teams will play 15-25 box lacrosse games per season (including tournaments).

Q. When are Rep Tryouts?

A. Box Tryouts typically begin the first week of April and will be posted on our website. All players interested in trying out for a rep team MUST attend the tryouts for the #1 team in their respective age group.  If selected during that set of tryouts (typically 3 tryout sessions), the tryout process is over.  If not selected, the player will then tryout for the #2 team in their respective age group and so on.  Players should be prepared to attend multiple tryouts depending on the number of rep teams being selected.

All players are required to try out for the #1 team in their division and be cut/released in order to be eligible to attend tryouts for the #2 team in the division and so on.  Parents/players cannot self-select the rep team that they wish to play for and only attend those tryouts.

Before participating in a tryout players must be fully registered and fees paid prior to stepping on the floor. If the player is not registered by this time, they may not be eligible to try out for a rep team for that season.

Q. What if I cannot attend try outs?

A. All players are required to attend try outs in order to be considered for a position on a rep team.  It is expected that players and families will make every effort to attend the posted try out dates.  Any exception must be approved in advance by the president,  president@cwminorlacrosse.ca.  

Q. What night of the week does local league run on?
Depending on your players level they will play on different nights.

  • U9 (2014 & 2015) - Monday
  • U11 (2012 & 2013) - Wednesday
  • U13/U15 (2010 & 2011 / 2008 & 2009) - Thursday

Q. What is your vaccination policy?
Our policy on vaccination is passed down from the our governing body, the OLA, and can be viewed HERE.