Why Centre Wellington Minor Lacrosse Association?

To teach sportsmanship and emphasize fair play at all times. To teach respect for players, officials and spectators and to develop community spirit.

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I love it because it is fast paced and full of action but also amazing team building and lasting relationships



I love lacrosse because I love the concept of working as a team and the game has always felt like the right sport for me.



I love watching lacrosse because it's fast and I love the energy in the barn at game time. My son loves playing as a Riverhawk because of his coaches, they teach him how to improve his skills and be part of a team and he gets to play his favorite sport with his closest friends.

Rhonda Hurst


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Our Partner

Kris Miller Construction

Kris Miller Construction returns to CW in 2023 to continue supporting minor sports in the community. Kris connected with us this year for coverage on 519 Sports Online, another great CW partner. Through Kris' contribution, our players, parents, grand-parents and guardians will be able to see themselves playing the sport they love.

Thank you Kris Miller Construction for your support this season!

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