We believe that all children should have the opportunity to play lacrosse. For those experiencing financial barriers there are many organizations that can assist in helping bridge any gaps to ensure that opportunity is available. Some organizations include:

CWMLA has also put together a program for those that need a boost. Applications can be downloaded from our website and submitted via email to the registrar. Any questions about the application process or opportunities may also be directed to the registrar. ALL questions and applications for CWMLA Boosts will be kept strictly confidential.

CWMLA Boosts was started to remove some of the other barriers imposed by existing programs for those that just need a little boost to get their player into the game. Lacrosse is a family sport, and we at CWMLA want to see our family have access to the opportunity to play lacrosse. Some community members are also part of the family and have made donations specifically to help players get into the sport. To apply, simply fill out the above mentioned application and email to our registrar. If you do not wish to email the registrar or fill out the application, simply email the registrar to have a conversation. Everything during this process is kept 100% confidential. Depending on the number of applicants for the season, you could simply be approved for a boost. If there is an excess number of applicants, a committee will be formed to review the applications and determine the successful applicants.

Applications for the CWMLA Boost program must be submitted by the Friday at midnight of the second week after box lacrosse tryouts. Applications will be reviewed and awarded as needed the weekend before the start of box lacrosse tryouts. Subsequent applications will be reviewed the weekend after the second week after box lacrosse tryouts.