Booster Juice Fergus

Coming back strong in 2023, CW Minor Lacrosse is excited to see Booster Juice Fergus return as the home field partners. Their mantra towards healthy alternatives for quick-serve snacks and meals echos CW's drive towards a healthy lifestyle. Booster Juice will be joining CW at various events through the season sharing their smoothies and other treats.

Wednesday night BOGO returns so head up to the Gates of Fergus with your CW Riverhawks gear on to grab a drink on the go at a steal of a deal!

Carolyn Sullivan

We're excited to see Carolyn Sullivan with the Keller Williams group return in 2023. With the new look behind Carolyn she was looking to innovate this season, and has sponsored both media programs as well as our players of the game. Watch your social media for the Carolyn Sullivan players of the game. Smiling faces and excited players is what we're all about.

It is a joy working with Carolyn as she understands the impact of sport on the community and is always willing to help make the experience better!

CW Sports

It's hard to find lacrosse people, unless you are a lacrosse person, then they are everywhere. CW Sports in Fergus are lacrosse people, they know the game, the equipment, and what you need as a player to be prepared to play and compete.

Dean and his crew at CW Sports are always willing to help out those that need more information on the sport, in fact they go so far as to provide a brand new lacrosse stick to all new registrants in our organization. It is such a leg up for us to be able to rely on lacrosse people to share their knowledge on the sport, and we're excited to be able to partner with CW Sports again in 2023.

Highland Pines Campground

Spend warm, summer evenings relaxing in the great outdoors. Experience a world-class selection of facilities, spread across 200 acres of beautiful property. Find a place that’s all your own — where you can meet new friends, spend quality time with family, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Kris Miller Construction

Kris Miller Construction returns to CW in 2023 to continue supporting minor sports in the community. Kris connected with us this year for coverage on 519 Sports Online, another great CW partner. Through Kris' contribution, our players, parents, grand-parents and guardians will be able to see themselves playing the sport they love.

Thank you Kris Miller Construction for your support this season!

Locker Hooks

What started as a creative and effective storage solution for sports gear has quickly morphed into being the answer to that timeless question; ‘What Am I Gonna Do With All Of My Stuff?’ Whether you are taking them camping, using them around the workshop, hanging up your valued collectables or preventing your kids’ sports gear from taking over your front halls, Locker Hooks are quickly becoming the answer to all of your storage conundrums.

Riverhawks players, coaches, executive and families receive 20% off on any model of Locker Hook. Use special discount code Riverhawks22 when ordering through their website

Nexan's Canada

Nexan's partnered with CWMLA as a result of the work of a life long parent of the association and newer Nexan's employee, and we're grateful for the connection made. Nexan's supports our community in providing great jobs and a working environment for many members of our small community.

Returning as an Association Apparel Partner we are excited to be able to share Riverhawks gear with our community through Nexan's support.

Nicole Drake Wright

We offer Award-winning, Professional Cleaning and Organization services. Based in Centre Wellington, Ontario we offer residential & commercial services in Fergus, Elora, Salem, Alma, Aboyne, Arthur, & Belwood. Established in 2017, our amazing team of Wish Granters is carefully vetted, experienced and passionate about getting you some time back!

RLB Chartered Professional Accountants

We're so happy for the support from RLB Chartered Professional Accounts. Karen at the RLB office knows exactly how important sport were for kids in the community, and how important it can be for business leaders to support that need.

We are able to turn the RLB contribution around into promotional materials and equipment for your Riverhawks.

Thank you Karen and the RLB team for your support in 2023.

Wellington Perforated

The Renton family is a long time lacrosse family within the community. Brent being a former executive member with Fergus Minor Lacrosse, and Tyler a Thistle alumni, it seems everything has come full circle as the cycle is starting again with the next generation of Renton's.

Thank you for your support, and we're looking forward to many more Renton's playing lacrosse within the community for years to come!