Equipment Return

We've had a fantastic inaugural year as the CW Riverhawks. Our players, coaches and parents have been able to accomplish so many great things this season.

The executive has scheduled a date in the Fergus for the return of all team equipment for Sunday September 25th from 10:30 am  until 12:30 pm.

Coaches, please ensure that you have your complete jersey sets washed and ready for return, we will also be looking for any trainers kits, your team ball bucket (with at least 20 good balls), and any other CWMLA equipment that you borrowed.

Alumni, we will be looking to auction off old CW Mohawks jerseys. If you are a previous player that is interested in purchasing one of your old jerseys, make sure that you come out to this event to lock in your picks!

Goalies, please ensure that you return all CWMLA borrowed equipment from this season, or any other previous season.

We will be tearing apart and inventorying all of the CWMLA equipment as well as labeling and transferring our new jersey sets into the old jersey bags. This will be a monumental task, but necessary to ensure that we keep the registration costs low. Reach out to if you are able to help day of with the equipment return and/or the equipment/trainer kit inventory.