The boys box lacrosse season starts up in late March/early April. We commence the season with an assessment process where our 1st team coaching run the players through a series of drills to determine their skill level. Players are given the opportunity for three distinct floor times, with coaches having the ability to release players to the next team. When there are enough players at a specific level for 3 teams the 2 team coaches will run through a similar process for the players that the 1st team coach has released.

Once all players are assessed practices will commence right away, often games following closely behind. Some coaches prefer to start the season with a couple of exhibition games, so your season may start off with a bang right away.

Through the season teams will have the opportunity at Zone games as well as participating in tournaments. In order to qualify for provincials at the end of the season, each team must have played in at least 10 games (an accumulation of zone, exhibition, and tournament games). Zone playoffs take place in the last couple of weeks in July, and provincials take place in Whitby starting on the Civic long weekend.

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