Why Centre Wellington Minor Lacrosse Association?

To teach sportsmanship and emphasize fair play at all times. To teach respect for players, officials and spectators and to develop community spirit.

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It’s a good workout and we get to be with our friends.

T Halls


I love lacrosse because I love the concept of working as a team and the game has always felt like the right sport for me.



My boy says he loves getting between the pipes because it gives him confidence and strength. He loves being a Riverhawk because of his amazing teammates and coaches.

Amber Murray

Goalie Mom

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Our Partner

CW Sports

It's hard to find lacrosse people, unless you are a lacrosse person, then they are everywhere. CW Sports in Fergus are lacrosse people, they know the game, the equipment, and what you need as a player to be prepared to play and compete.

Dean and his crew at CW Sports are always willing to help out those that need more information on the sport, in fact they go so far as to provide a brand new lacrosse stick to all new registrants in our organization. It is such a leg up for us to be able to rely on lacrosse people to share their knowledge on the sport, and we're excited to be able to partner with CW Sports again in 2024.

Our Staff