Volunteer Sign Up for the Scott Gerrie Memorial Tournament Avaiable

Starting this Friday, June 21 through Sunday, June 23 is the Scott Gerrie Memorial Tournament, and many hands are needed to continue its tradition of success.


Thank you to everyone who has already signed up.


For those that haven't yet, you can sign up here --> https://signup.com/go/fzachHH


The Scott Gerrie Tournament is a fundraiser for the entire association, and each team is required to volunteer 10 - 12 hours. When this time is spread over multiple individuals, that means only an hour or two hours of work per person. The money raised at the tournament helps to ensure that registration costs remain at reasonable rates, that we can provide up-to-date goalie equipment and help run events & programs. 


Anyone can volunteer and help, whether it is a player's parent, the player, the player's grandparent or even a sibling. Those looking to get in their high school volunteer hours can get their sheets signed off for a weekend of help!