Introducing 6ixes in 2023

  • One weekend tournament played Thanksgiving weekend in Brampton
  • 12 players maximum per team
  • Same age divisions as the 2023 spring field or box season
  • Registering available for teams in all divisions
    • U9 (available for 6, 7, 8 year old players)
    • U11
    • U13
    • U15
    • U17
  • Practices are usually held in Fergus or Elora, behind the arena, at a park or school. Hockey schedules and travel are taken into consideration when scheduled

Learn more... from World Lacrosse [August 1, 2023]

Sixes lacrosse is an innovative and dynamic discipline of lacrosse that showcases fast-paced and high-scoring gameplay. As a variant of the traditional format, it features six players on each team, creating an exciting and intense experience for both players and spectators.

The key distinguishing feature of sixes lacrosse is the reduced number of players on the field, which leads to a more open and fast-paced style of play. The smaller team size allows for increased space and quick transitions, resulting in rapid back-and-forth action and frequent goal-scoring opportunities.

This format has gained popularity globally, with leagues and tournaments encouraging development for players of all ages and skill levels. Sixes lacrosse was featured in The World Games 2022 with men’s and women’s competitions and the discipline is at the center of lacrosse’s Olympic vision.

Check out the rules here.